Henry+Pi || Henry Sgourakis

From a young age Sgourakis was exposed to a variety of creative role models across a variety of disciplines, feeding his imagination and encouraging his passion to create.
With bachelors in both Industrial Design and Architecture, and a Master of Architecture from RMIT Henry has a unique understanding of designing a space and working within it, adapting both design disciplines, being able to develop a concept and see it through to construction, while delivering the finished product.
Henry has spent significant time in Milan studying under the guidance of some of Italy’s most influential furniture and interior designers.
Back home Henry has worked on a variety of design fields such as Architecture, Product Development, Furniture Design, Prop Design & Construction and Interior Design.
Henry’s work has received attention from locally and internationally acclaimed designers. In 2010 he was one of ten finalists selected for the inaugural "Space + Edra" International Residency Program.
With such diversity in skill-sets and experiences, Henry brings a well-rounded and enthusiastic approach to each creation.

Henry + Pi is the collaboration of Henry Sgourakis and friends, through disciplines of Industrial Design, Furniture, Ceramics, Interiors and Architecture
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